Woolworth’s Credit Card Payment Online

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If you love Woolworth’s and you love the flexibility of having a line of credit that you can use virtually anywhere, then you are going to love the Woolworth’s Everyday MONEY MasterCard. With a great introductory offer that includes 0% APR for up to 9 months with a new account and even introductory offers on balance transfers, you can save MONEY on your existing purchases as soon as you are approved. Easy to pay, easy to use, and flexible with the available PayPass feature that MasterCard offers, you’ll love having this credit card with you when you are out shopping.

How Easy Is It To Pay Online With the Woolworth’s Credit Card?

How easy is it to make the payments on your Woolworth’s Everyday Money credit cards? Super easy! All you have to do is log into your account for the first time and verify your bank account information. Once you have done that, you can either choose to pay once per month or you can set up an EasyPay plan where you can have your bank account, debit card, or other payment method debited by the minimum payment due once a month. Now depending on your level of credit worthiness, some of these online payment do have fees involved, so be sure to see what your account gets approved to carry before you click on the submit button.

What Else Can I Get with the Woolworth’s Credit Card?

The Woolworth’s Everyday Money credit card does offer some unique features that set it apart from the other credit cards that are available on the MARKET today. Because these cards carry the Woolworth’s name, some of those advantages involved the Woolworth’s chain itself.

  • You can get up to 3 points per every dollar spent that can then be automatically transferred into a Woolworth’s shopping card every 4 months.
  • You get up to 55 days of interest free on new purchases when you pay off your balance in full every month.
  • You can earn 1 airline mile for every point spent that can be used on Qantas airlines.

What Are the Terms of the Woolworth’s Credit Card

The terms of the Woolworth’s Everyday Money credit card are a bit higher than other cards that are on the MARKET, so be sure to take a look at these before you finalize your application materials in case you are a bit leery of interest payments.

  • The typical APR for most customers with the Woolworth’s Everyday MONEY credit card is 19.84%, but the rate is variable
  • The typical APR for cash advances with the Woolworth’s Everyday MONEY credit card is 21.34%
  • There is an annual card fee of $49, and if you choose to pursue airline miles instead of Woolworth’s store points, this fee becomes $89.
  • There is an introductory rate of 5.99% on balance transfers, but after six months, this rate becomes equal to your variable rate.

As you can see, the rates are a little higher than some cards and the rates are not fixed, which means with notification your rates could adjust month to month potentially. It is lower than other more high risk cards, however, so there are some advantages to carrying this card for some customers, especially when considering the rewards programs. If the Woolworth’s Everyday Money credit card is right for you, be sure to apply for it today. It can make your FINANCIAL situation be much more fluid and give you emergency credit when you need it, and that is a great advantage.