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Meijer Credit Card Payment Online

Get a Flexible Card You Can Use Anywhere

When it comes to credit cards that have massive rewards, one simply cannot beat the Meijer credit card that comes with the MasterCard logo. With the ability to apply for this card in any Meijer store and get access to instant credit that you can use on a purchase that day, the flexibility and spending power that you can get with the Meijer credit card is simply outstanding. And because it comes with the MasterCard logo, you can use this card wherever MasterCard is accepted and still earn great Meijer rewards – and that is a winning combination.

It Is Easy To Pay Online with the Meijer Credit Card

The Meijer credit card is issued by GE Capital Bank, which is also the issuer of other popular lines of credit, such as the PayPal credit cards. Because of that integration, the online payment system for the Meijer credit card is extremely easy to use. Simply log in the first time, validate your checking account, and you can then schedule payments out as far as 30 days from now without a problem. You can schedule recurring payments if you so choose as well. With the ease of online payment, the Meijer credit card is at the top of the list for many, especially if Meijer is your store.

You Get Plenty of Rewards with the Meijer Credit Card

What sets the Meijer credit card apart from the other credit cards that are on the MARKET today is the level of rewards that you can earn with it. You can earn your way up to 20% cash back on purchases you make at the Meijer grocery stores – and that’s just the beginning:

  • Get five cents off per gallon of gasoline that you purchase at any Meijer gas station
  • Get 10% off your first purchase with your new line of credit on your Meijer credit card
  • Get access to a unique monthly savings event at your local Meijer stores that is only accessible to Meijer credit card holders

What Are the Rates That I Would Get with the Meijer Credit Card?

The Meijer credit card is broken down into two categories – there is a platinum card for those with superior credit, and then the regular card for those who don’t qualify for the platinum card. The regular card is generally given to those who are considered to be at high risk of defaulting on a payment and have a history of fair to poor credit. Because of that, you are given a 26.99% APR and an up to 23 day grace period on all purchases so that you can potentially pay off a purchase interest free if you have a fully paid balance every month. You also do not have any balance transfer options with the Smart connect card.

If you are approved for the Meijer platinum card, then that offers you:

  • A 19.99% to 23.99% APR based on your credit history for purchases and balance transfers
  • A 26.99% APR for all cash advances

With the platinum card from Meijer, as you can see you get access to other features such as balance transfers, and you also get the exclusive opportunity to earn up to 20% cash back on specific categories. The Meijer credit card does give you the flexible spending power you may need and will give you a line of credit that can help you out in a tough time – though the APRs may be a little higher than comparative cards, the flexibility and rewards of this card are difficult to ignore.