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Ebay Credit Card Payment Online

Use Your Good Credit Score To Your Advantage

With just a 10 second credit decision, your good credit score could be enough to get you shopping online with your eBay MasterCard in just minutes. If you love what eBay can offer you and love the flexibility of what PayPal has to offer you in regards to shopping and spending, then you will love the eBay credit card. With $10 instant cash back after you first $100 purchase and the ability to earn poiints on that purchase, the rewards can start coming quickly with this quick and convenient credit card.

It’s Super Easy To Pay Online with the eBay Credit Card

What makes the eBay credit card a fun credit card to use is the online payment system. It is super easy to use and makes it easy to pay your credit card balance on your time instead of the card provider’s time, which so many other sites require. Simply log in, verify your checking account by plugging in a couple amounts that get deposited in, and you are off to the races. You can schedule your payments out as a far as a month in advance. This makes it easy to keep your balances paid off so that you can take advantage of the interest free grace period.

What Are the Rewards That You Get with the eBay Credit Card?

When you talk about reward programs that offer you points and cash back for the things that you are already doing, the eBay credit card easily takes care of you. That’s because you will end up getting:

  • 1 point for every dollar of regular spending that you do
  • 2 points for every dollar on any of your eBay or PayPal purchases
  • 3 points for every dollar that is spent on gas or at restaurants
  • Now this does mean that you will not be getting a full 1% cash back on your purchases like other credit cards may offer, but this credit card is geared toward people who have less than sterling credit and may be considered to high risk for other credit cards. In addition, you do get about 0.8% cash back through the rewards points, so the amount is pretty close, even with less than perfect credit.

    What Are the Terms I Can Expect with the eBay Credit Card?

    Though some people may find that the interest rates and terms are not very favorable when it comes to the eBay credit card, there are others that will find that they can actually save MONEY. Here are the terms and conditions that you can expect with the eBay credit card:

    • A 19.99% to 23.99% variable APR based upon your credit history
    • A penalty APR of 26.99% if you miss two payments in a 12 month period
    • The ability to add your eBay ID to your new credit card

    As you can see, this credit card may not be the best credit card for some people because they have higher credit scores and so have the ability to qualify for better rates from different cards. For others who do a lot of shopping through eBay and PayPal or may not have the highest of credit scores, this could be the credit card that is able to give you the flexible spending that you need to have. If you feel that it is the right card for you, then apply for it today and see just how many rewards you can start earning right away!