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KTC Credit Card Payment Online

Thailand’s Best Credit Provider Might Be Yours As Well

If you live your life in the skies instead of in an established home or you are based out of Thailand, then you are going to want to take a look at the various lines of credit that are available through KTC. KTC is Thailand’s primary credit provider, and as such, they have numerous lines of credit that are right for virtually any customer. From a JCB card for international travel that gives you 9% cash back on purchases that are made in Japan to getting up to 9% cash back on airline travel tickets, you can find the perfect card for you with KTC that fits your lifestyle today.

It’s Easy To Pay Online with KTC

When you want to talk about ease of use for paying bills online, you’ve got to enter KTC into that conversation. Because KTC is a major credit provider, their application use is quick and easy to use. After being approved for your KTC line of credit that is right for you, simply log into your online account, verify your identity, and then authorize your checking account to be accessed by KTC. From there, you can easily schedule out a payment for all of your KTC lines of credit so that you are never late on a payment. You can also have your cash back rewards instantly deposited into your checking account if you so choose and this is also done online.

What Kind of Rewards Do I Get with a KTC Line of Credit?

There are several different credit cards that are available through KTC, so you will want to apply for the line of credit that is right for you and provides you with the right kinds of rewards. Some examples of the rewards you can earn through KTC are:

  • Get 0.8% cash back directly into your checking account and unlimited cash advances
  • Get 20% discounts and free travel insurance to the Andaman Sea
  • Get 40% discounts on select fashion retailers within Thailand
  • Earn 4% to 9% cash back on airline tickets
  • Get travel accident coverage of up to 4 million baht
  • Get up to 5% cash back on in country travel and tourism purchases that are made through an official provider

What Kinds of Repayment Terms Can I Expect with KTC?

Just as the rewards vary between the different lines of credit, so do the APRs and other terms and conditions. These rates are also based on your unique credit history, but on average, you can expect to find on a KTC credit card:

  • No annual fee
  • An average APR of 20% on all new purchases
  • Foreign nationals can apply for a KTC credit card upon verification of employment and at least 2 years residence
  • A matching APR on any balance transfers or cash advances

If you are based out of Thailand, work from Thailand, or are an international customer that really has no station to call home, then the KTC credit card could be the right credit card for you. With friendly repayment terms, great rewards that can be instantly deposited into your checking account, and discounts of up to 40% at select retailers, your MONEY can go further with KTC. Check it out for yourself today!