Make Payment for Nordstrom credit card Online

Nordstrom is a popular upscale chain of department stores that have an array of accessories, clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and more for men, women and children.  Credit card holders can manage their credit cards online by registering for an account.

Setting up your Nordstrom credit card online account

When you set up your online account for your Nordstrom credit card, you’ll need your Nordstrom credit card and internet access.  Enter your credit card number and name and then click submit and follow the rest of the steps to setting up your account including setting up a security question and confirm your account through email with the confirmation code.

Nordstrom customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you need them for anything, you can rest assured that they are available.  When making your payment online, sign in to the account you created and click on the payment link.

You will need to input your checking account information as well as the amount you are going to pay and the date you want your payment taken from your checking account.  If you can pay more than the minimum balance, it reduces your debt faster as well as saves you interest, so always pay a little more than the minimum when you make your payment if you can’t pay the balance in full.

Perks for Nordstrom cardholders

Nordstrom has both a department store card and a visa credit card.  Both cards offers reward points, and with the department store card, your interest rate will vary depending on your credit rating.  Of course with the Nordstrom Visa card, you can use it other places besides Nordstrom so your rewards opportunities can be higher.

Department store credit cards can typically have higher than normal interest rates, so be careful that you keep a watch on your purchases and don’t buy things you can’t afford.  Credit cards can be wonderful things to have, but they can also cause a lot of financial distress if not used responsibly.

The Nordstrom Rack is a discount outlet for Nordstrom’s where people can get the fabulous Nordstrom’s merchandise at deeply discounted prices.  When you use your Nordstrom card to purchase from the Nordstrom Rack, not only are you getting great stuff at a great price, you are also getting reward points for your purchases, that you can accrue and use for more purchases on down the road.

If your credit card starts off with a great introductory rate, remember to be meticulous about making your payments on time.  Even one day late can get your introductory rate taken away.  These low or even zero introductory rates are great but when you make purchases and then lose those interest rates, you end up owing a lot more which can put a real strain on your finances.

Another thing you can do is work to pay off your full balance each month instead of carrying a balance.  Not only does this save you money, it does a lot for your credit standing as well.  If you can do this, it’s always worth it to do for the sake of your wallet and your credit.