Lowe’s Credit Card Payment Online

With an Easy System and Great Customer Features, This Card Is a Must Have

Not everyone may shop at Lowe’s, but whether you need appliances, gardening equipment, landscaping supplies, or even hardware, plumbing, or a few sheets of plywood, you can get it all at this great store. An easy way to be able to get your dollar to stretch further is to apply for and be approved for a line of credit on a Lowe’s credit card. With an easy to use online payment center, great purchasing terms on items bought in store or online, and promotional offers available pretty much all the time, the Lowe’s credit card is a card that you are going to want to have in your wallet or purse all the time… even if you have to shop online too.

Lowe’s Has One of the Easiest Online Payment Centers Available Today

A lot of credit card companies allow for online payment processing these days, but those online payment processors are not created equally. With the Lowe’s online system, it is a breeze to get your payment scheduled and submitted so that you will never have to miss another payment ever again due to a lost check in the mail. Whether you have a consumer line of credit, a business line of credit, or you just have a project card, all you have to do is input your banking information and submit the payments that you need to submit.

What Kind of Benefits To I Get with a Lowe’s Credit Card

Many people love the Lowe’s credit card because they get two good offers when it comes to store purchases on their card: 1) they have the ability to get 5% back on most store purchases, meaning they get more cash in their pocket; and 2) when a customer makes a purchase of at least $299, they have the option to get interest free financing on that purchase for up to six months. Now you can’t get the 5% off when you have other promotions that you use with your purchase, like an employee discount, item price adjustments through their low price guarantee, or with military discounts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be saving decent MONEY on a big purchase that you make at Lowe’s.

What About the Annual Percentage Rates on This Card?

Lowe’s tends to reward its customers with lower annual percentage rates, and especially those customers that establish a history of paying on time consistently. If you are thinking about applying for a line of credit with Lowe’s, however, these are the interest rates that you can expect to see:

  • New lines of credit at Lowe’s have a 24.99% APR
  • Because this is a store specific card, you do not have the ability to transfer balances or get cash advances – it is intended for store purchases only

Now it should be noted that many lines of credit with Lowe’s actually have an APR of 7.99% to 17.99% that are assigned to them, but this is for established accounts that are 6 months and older. Unless your credit score is above 650, you will not generally have the ability to get off the standard new credit line APR of 24.99%.

Getting a Lowe’s credit card can be a great thing to be able to extend your finances, get interest free financing on major purchases, and get easy cash back on the items you need in store. With easy an easy to use online payment system and low monthly payments, you can rest assured that you can always afford what you need at Lowe’s.