Ikea Credit Card Payment Online

Get a Flexible Card Today That Can Help You Get What You Need

Many people love shopping at Ikea for the affordability and stylish look that they can get for their home. For those who enjoy Ikea, then the Ikea credit card makes for a viable financial option. Funded by GE Capital, this card might be right for you, especially if you are planning on making a large furniture purchase. That’s because you can get up to 6 months free financing on any purchase that you make at Ikea that is over $299. Now this is a store specific card, so you won’t be able to utilize this card anywhere else than Ikea, but if you do a lot of shopping there or have a big purchase planned, you can use this card to your advantage. You have to already have the Ikea credit card, however, because as of right now new applicants are not being accepted.

It’s Simple to Pay Your Ikea Credit Card Online

When it comes to the online payment system for the Ikea credit card, you get to take advantage of the easy payment system that GE Capital has set up. All you have to do is input your checking account information, such as your routing number and full account number, and your account is then verified. No deposits to verify, no other data to add in – it’s that easy. Then all you have to do is log in each month, schedule your payment, and you’re all set. Payments can be scheduled up to 30 days and even though it takes 2 to 3 business days to process a payment, if you pay before your due date, you’ll be credited with an on time payment.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Ikea Credit Card?

The primary benefit of having an open line of credit with an Ikea credit card is the ability to get no interest financing on purchases that are over $299. You get up to 6 months of interest free financing, but the interest is retroactive if you do not pay off your entire balance within the six months. That means you could end up with a massive interest charge on your bill on month 7. Beyond the interest free financing, the only other primary benefits of the Ikea card are the ability to fully manage your account online.

What Are the Terms of the Ikea Credit Card?

There is no denying that the terms of the Ikea credit card are higher than the average credit card. Though there is no annual fee per se, there is also no way to transfer balances or get cash advances because it is a store specific card, meaning you can only shop there. In addition, you can expect to pay:

  • A 25.99% standard APR on all purchases, including back interest on any purchase above $299 that was not fully paid off by the agreed time period
  • A $1.99 monthly account maintenance fee, which is $23.88 annually.

The Ikea credit card is perfect for those who regularly shop at Ikea and can take advantage of the interest free financing on larger purchases. If you already have the card, then you know that this is the primary benefit to the card – if you don’t have the card, then you will have to wait until applications are accepted once again. You can enjoy shopping at Ikea with the Ikea credit card and easily manage your account and pay online – use your card today for the next great furniture purchase for your home!