How To Make Payment For Sunoco Credit Card Online

Sunoco, the American producer and retailer of premium fuels and gasoline, operates a credit card in conjunction with Citibank. The Sunoco credit card is a Mastercard, and is therefore accepted at many businesses and retailers. There is also a Platinum version of the Sunoco credit card available, as well as a separate rewards credit card.

The Sunoco credit card features an Annual Percentage Rate of 17% on purchases, or 23% for the rewards card, and a late payment fee of up to thirty-five dollars if monthly bill payments are not made by the due date. Paying bills on time is therefore essential. It is often the case that people cannot afford to pay off their full balance, but at the very least the minimum requested amount must be paid each month to avoid a late payment fee.

As the Sunoco credit card is issued and managed by Citibank, this is the website through which payments must be made. Customers must register for an online account, complete with unique user ID and password. The online account system is free to use, and allows card holders to review recent statements and account activity, update their profiles, pay bills, and schedule automated recurring payments. Citibank provide an extremely secure environment for customers to carry out their financial transactions.

The Citibank online account service is very flexible, and easy to use. Credit card bills can be paid immediately, and if the payment is made before 5 pm the credit will be restored and available to the card holder on the same day. Using the online account service card holders can request a credit limit increase, or a replacement card. They can also add authorized users to their account, and if they own more than one Sunoco card they can all be conveniently managed from the same account.

Some of the benefits of Sunoco credit cards include:

  • Fast and easy payments for gas at over 4800 locations.
  • By issuing extra cards for free an entire family’s fuel purchases can be put on one Sunoco card holder’s statement for added convenience.
  • Five cents off every gallon of gas for card holders.
  • Sunoco cards can be used at thousands of ATMs to get cash.
  • The cards are covered by Citibank’s Identity Theft Solutions, and the card holder has zero liability for unauthorized purchases.

It can be seen, therefore, that Sunoco credit cards could be the ideal solution for people who drive a lot due to personal or business commitments. Both the rewards card and the Mastercard allow customers to earn points on purchases as part of Citibank’s Thank You rewards scheme. The more frequently card holders purchase gas at Sunoco stations, the more points they will earn. It should be noted that points are based on gallons of gas purchased, rather than the dollar value, and that the points earned vary depending on whether the Sunoco Mastercard or rewards card is used. Points can be redeemed for a variety of items found on Sunoco’s website.