How To Make Payment For Disney Credit Card Online

Disney, the huge global corporation, has made two credit cards available to customers in cooperation with Chase Bank. Both are Visa credit cards, but they differ slightly in how they operate. Essentially, however, both the Disney Premier Visa card and the Disney Rewards Visa card allow users to accumulate redeemable Disney Dream Reward Dollars.

The specifics of the rewards scheme should be examined in detail, however it is firstly important to discuss how Disney credit card bills can be paid online. Since misuse of credit cards can result in a bad credit rating, knowing how to effectively pay bills on time should be the prime consideration of anybody who is considering applying for a credit card.

Online accounts for Disney credit cards are managed by Chase Bank, and registration has to be carried out on that company’s website. Once registration has been completed, card holders can access their accounts through separate sub-pages for the Premier and Rewards cards. Once logged in, credit card balances can be checked, and payments made. The easiest way to do this is by setting up Chase Automatic Payments to be made on time every month.

Online account management can be done completely securely, at any time of the day or night. It offers the ability to track spending, add authorized users to the account, order new cards, and even to change the design of the card. As would be expected from a Disney credit card, there are a variety of colorful and artistic designs to choose from.

The Disney rewards scheme works as follows:

  • The card holder uses their Disney credit card for their everyday purchases, and earns Disney Dream Reward Dollars as a result.
  • The earning rate is 1% for the Rewards card, and either 1% or 2% for the Premier card.
  • One Disney Dream Reward Dollar is equal to one dollar when redeemed for Disney products and special offers.
  • Disney Dream Reward Dollars are transferred onto a redemption card, which can then be used in Disney stored and resorts.
  • Disney Dream Reward Dollars can also be redeemed at movie theaters, and towards air travel.

There is no limit to the amount of Disney Dream Reward Dollars that can be earned, and no block out periods for redemption. Other benefits to owning a Disney credit card include the fact that card holders receive special discounts at Disney stores and resorts. In addition, new Disney Rewards credit card holders will receive a fifty dollar Disney gift card after the first use of their card. For Disney Premium card holders this figure is one hundred dollars.

While there is no annual fee for the Disney Rewards Visa card, there is a charge of forty-nine dollars per year for the Disney Premier Visa card. The Annual Percentage Rate is 14.24%. For fans of Disney, the rewards offered for using these two credit cards could seem very appealing. In addition, as they are Visa cards, and managed by the reputable Chase Bank, owners have the benefit of security features such as zero liability coverage for unauthorized use.