How To Make Payment For Delta Credit Card Online

Delta Airlines have teamed up with American Express to offer a selection of rewards credit cards for both business and personal travelers. The GOLD Delta SkyMiles card, the Platinum Delta SkyMiles card, and the Delta Reserve card all offer slightly different benefits, however each is a rewards credit card that allows earned miles to be redeemed in a variety of ways.

Each credit card offers up to thirty thousand bonus miles initially, depending on how often the card is used, and how much credit is built up on it. Furthermore, one mile is earned for every eligible dollar spent using the card, and two miles on Delta purchases. There is no cap on the amount of miles that can be earned, and bonuses are available if more than twenty-five thousand dollars are spent in a calendar year.

It appears that the Delta credit cards provide an easy way to accumulate miles while spending. However, the MONEY spent on credit using these cards has to be repaid. To make a Delta credit card payment online, card holders must have an account with the card issuer, American Express. Creating an account is easy, and after the process has been completed customers will have a unique user ID and password. During the initial set up procedure the details of the bank account from which the credit card bill payments will be made will also have to be entered.

At this point it is possible to set up automatic monthly payments. Any amount can be specified to be paid on any day of the month. So, for example, a card holder could set up their online account to allow a payment of $20 to automatically be made towards their credit card bill on the first day of every month. An alternative option is for customers to log into their account whenever they receive a credit card statement, and to pay their credit card bill that way. On these occasions they can pay the minimum amount requested, the full amount of the bill, or any amount in between.

Navigation of the American Express website is very simple. Clicking on “Check And Pay Bill” will take you to the correct payment screen, where you will also be presented with options for checking your balance and recent payments. “Payment Due” is the option to click on to allow you to pay your most recent credit card bill.

Using and paying for Delta credit cards can be seen to be very simple. In addition, the important benefits of owning a Delta credit card include:

  • Priority boarding on every Delta flight
  • Having your first bag checked for free on every Delta flight. This also applies to other people included in your reservation, up to a total of ten travelers.
  • A 20% discount on eligible in-flight purchases.
  • A twenty-five dollar discount on entry to the Delta Sky Club, with complimentary entry given to Delta Reserve credit card holders.

Finally, anybody who is considering applying for a Delta credit card should take note that the annual fees for the GOLD, Platinum, and Reserve Delta cards are $95, $150, and $450 respectively.