How To Make Payment For Alaska Airlines Credit Card Online

Alaska Airlines, along with many other airlines, have their own credit card allowing rewards to be earned when it is used. The specific Alaska Airlines card is a Visa Signature card, and is issued and administered by the Bank of America. This credit card carries an Annual Percentage Rate of 14.24%, and there is an additional Platinum Plus account available which has an associated APR of 14.74%. It should also be noted that there is $75 annual fee for Visa Signature accounts, $50 for Platinum Plus accounts, and $35 for preferred accounts.

As with any credit card, it is incredibly important that monthly Alaska Airlines credit card bills are paid on time. This will not only prevent any late payment fees from being incurred, but will also ensure a healthy credit rating. The easiest way to pay an Alaska Airlines credit card bill is online at the Bank of America website. An online account must firstly be registered, however this is a very simple process, and clear instructions are given at the sign up stage.

Bank of America’s Online Bill Pay service is both secure and easy to use. Customers only need to enter their credit card account details once, after which they can make payments each month with the click of a button. Alternatively, they can set up recurring online payments to be made from their account on any day of the month they choose.

The function for making a credit card payment is accessed through the Bill Pay Center & eBills tab, found on the first page after logging in to a Bank of America online account. The Bill Pay service is free to use, however if a same-day payment needs to be made then a Quick Pay service is available at a cost of ten dollars. The Bank of America recommends that customers should allow at least five business days for standard payments to be made.

With so many credit cards from different providers available for consumers to choose from, it is important for a credit card issuer to offer as many enticing benefits as possible. The benefits of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card are as follows:

Firstly, when a customer has been approved for an Alaska Airlines credit card they will be entitled to a $99 Companion Ticket discount code for Alaska Airlines.

  • Customers will earn miles for using their card, and will earn twenty-five thousand bonus miles for being approved.
  • Three miles are earned for every dollar spent with Alaska Airlines, and one mile for every dollar spent on other purchases.
  • Miles can be redeemed for flights, VACATION PACKAGES, and a variety of other rewards.

It is apparent, therefore, that the Alaska Airlines credit card providers its holders with many benefits. It will inevitably be an attractive option for many people, however as with any credit card it is important to be aware of the terms and conditions of using the card. For example, the late payment fees associated with the Alaska Airlines credit card can be as much as thirty-five dollars. Making good use of the Online Bill Pay service will prevent this from happening.