Western Union Credit Card Payment Online

Send the Perfect Gift or Be Ready To Travel Today

If you are thinking about taking a vacation, or maybe you just want to send the perfect gift, then you are going to want to take a look at the Western Union prepaid credit card that you can apply for online. With zero monthly maintenance fees and an easy online activation system, you can either send this card to yourself and reload it as you need so that you don’t have to take all of your credit with you or you can send it on to a friend as a gift that is safe, secure, and spend like cash. If you are tired of other prepaid credit cards that nickel and dime you to death with hidden fees, then the Western Union prepaid credit card is definitely the card for you.

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How Easy Is It To Add FUNDS To It?

The Western Union prepaid card does not give you an unsecured line of credit, so you don’t have to worry about logging in once per month to pay your bills online. You can, however, log into your Western Union account and add FUNDS to your prepaid card, which has the MasterCard logo on it, whenever you want to. You simply need to be in your Western Union account, input the bank account information that currently contains the , and then select the amount of cash you want to transfer to the card.

What Other Features Does the Western Union Prepaid Credit Card Offer?

Besides the advantage of not having to worry about the level of debt you are entering into because this card is prepaid, which means when you run out of MONEY, you run out of spending power. You’ll also get to take advantage of these great features:

  • You can track your spending habits and view your account balance online at any time through your Western Union account.
  • You do not need a bank account or endure a credit check in order to obtain a Western Union prepaid credit card.
  • You can add MONEY to your card online, through a desk agent, or through any money transfer transaction that occurs through Western Union.
  • You can direct deposit any payroll check onto this card.
  • You can receive SMS, or standard text message, alerts regarding your account activity with this card too.

What Kind of Fees Can I Expect With the Western Union Prepaid Credit Card?

Most prepaid cards have certain fees that you will have to pay, and the Western Union prepaid credit card is no exception. Unlike other cards, this one has no monthly fee; however, you can expect to pay these fees:

  • A $1.00 bank to card transfer fee
  • A $1.95 ATM withdrawal fee, in addition to the local ATM withdrawal fee
  • A $4.95 Agent location loading fee
  • A $2.50 per month inactivity fee if you carry a balance on the card and do not use it for over a year
  • A $0.45 balance inquiry fee or decline fee

Though there are some fees that other prepaid cards may not have, the overall value of having the Western Union prepaid credit card with the MasterCard logo on it is undeniable. If you need to have cash fast, but you don’t want to have the actual cash in your pocket, then this is the way to go. This is also the perfect solution for those folks who don’t have the ability to carry a bank account for whatever reason because it allows them to purchase items wherever MasterCard is accepted. The Western Union prepaid card makes the perfect gift and the perfect card for cash – because of that, it’s tough not to turn down the opportunity to have one.

Washington Mutual Credit Card Payment Online

Find Out How To Pay This Card Online Today

Do you have a Washington Mutual credit card and have you been a customer of WaMu for awhile? If so, you have had a lot of unsure circumstances floating around your credit line for quite some time. The good news is that now you have fewer worries because your line of credit is now with Chase banking. You can rest assured that your credit is now stable and not subject to the problems of the subprime lending crisis, but you might have questions about how you can make a payment on your card if you haven’t used your Washington Mutual credit card lately.

You’ve Got Better Online Banking Services Now

With your Washington Mutual credit card payment online through Chase banking services, you are simply getting the best in online payment options. If you haven’t had to make a payment online before or you haven’t since the Chase takeover of WaMu, then you will need to go to a specific page dedicated to WaMu customers who need to transfer their account. Otherwise you simply need to log into your online banking center through Chase.

Once you have set up your account, you simply need to register your checking account with your banking service center to make a payment. This allows Chase to validate the information you’ve given them and it keeps it available for you to use on every payment you make online. After that, you simply need to tell Chase how much you want to pay each month. If you have a Chase checking account, this process is automatic for you.

What Do I Get with the Washington Mutual Credit Card?

Because your Washington Mutual credit card was purchased by Chase banking and then deactivated, you do not have the ability to apply for a brand new credit card or line of credit with the WaMu name on it. You can, however, apply for a new a line of credit through Chase that has better terms than you had with WaMu, such as the Chase Freedom Card. The Chase Freedom Card offers you:

  • Up to 5% cash back on ever $1,500 spent at movies or grocery stores in the second quarter of 2012.
  • Up to 10% cash back when you purchase items at selected merchants and vendors through Chase.
  • Additional cash back categories for every quarter so you have new chances to earn up to 5% or 10% cash back.
  • Unlimited 1% cash back on all of your other purchases.
  • $200 cash back after you make a minimum of $500 in purchases during the first quarter you have your new Chase Freedom Card.

With plenty of great benefits and lots of rewards, the Chase Freedom Card could be your ticket to financial freedom and liquidity – try it today and see what it can do for you!

What Are the Terms and Conditions of This Card?

The Chase Freedom Card has reasonable terms and conditions which many customers can take advantage of upon approval of a new line of credit. You can expect to receive:

  • A variable APR of 15.99% to 22.99% that is based on both your credit history and what the prime credit rate happens to be.
  • A grace period of up to 21 days so that you can clear new purchases off of your card without an interest payment.
  • Flexible balance transfer terms so that you can take advantage of the better APR rates that the Chase Freedom Card has to offer.

Even though you cannot apply for a new line of credit or maintain your current Washington Mutual credit card, you can still have the ease of online banking and payments through Chase today if you have a WaMu card right now. If you are seeking out new credit, then be sure to apply for this great Chase credit card and see what it can do for your financial future today.

PayPal Credit Card Payment Online

Get Flexible Terms With This Online Provider

Many people have a PayPal account and are aware of what the flexibility of online payment solutions can do for them. After all, with PayPal, you can send money to anyone who has an e-mail address and pay through your checking account or major credit card. With just a couple clicks, your payment can be made almost instantaneously. What many people don’t realize is that they can also apply for a line of credit through PayPal. Called Smart Connect, it gives you more flexibility in utilizing your PayPal account and works the same as if you were sending cash. It is even accessible through your PayPal business debit card if you want it to be.

It’s Easy To Pay Online with PayPal Smart Connect

One of the best features of the PayPal credit card online payment system is how easy it is to use. Because it is directly tied to your PayPal account, all you have to do is log into PayPal as you normally would. Once you have done that, you simply need to click on the Smart Connect link that is on your account summary page. You will then need to verify a checking account if you haven’t already done so through PayPal. Once done, all you need to do is enter the payment amount you wish to pay and submit it. You can schedule payments out for up to 30 days at a time and even pay directly from your PayPal balance.

Why Utilize the PayPal Smart Connect Credit Card?

Why should you carry a PayPal line of credit through Smart Connect? Because you get some very specific benefits that not only help your financial bottom line, but also help your PayPal account:

  • With Smart Connect, you get a higher daily sending limit on your PayPal account
  • You are also covered with the superior buyer protections that you get with your PayPal account so that you never have to pay for an unauthorized service
  • You have the ability to charge back any purchase that is not submitted to your satisfaction and dispute charges that you have paid to vendors that have not fulfilled their obligations.

What Kind of Rates Can I Expect with the PayPal Smart Connect Credit Card?

The PayPal Smart Connect credit card is given to individuals who are considered to be at high risk and have a history of fair to poor credit. Because of that, you are given a 26.99% APR and an up to 23 day grace period on all purchases so that you can potentially pay off a purchase interest free if you have a fully paid balance every month. You also do not have any balance transfer options with the Smart connect card.

If you have better credit, you may be approved for a PayPal Extras credit card instead of Smart Connect. That offers you:

  • A 19.99% to 23.99% APR based on your credit history for purchases and balance transfers
  • A 26.99% APR for all cash advances

The PayPal Smart Connect card, or Extras card if you qualify for it, can do a lot for your in establishing your credit history, establishing a new credit history, and can help you to build up your credit score effectively. If you use PayPal a lot and shop online even more, the PayPal credit cards and their online payment solutions are for you. Try them today and see for yourself just how easy it is to pay online today.

Meijer Credit Card Payment Online

Get a Flexible Card You Can Use Anywhere

When it comes to credit cards that have massive rewards, one simply cannot beat the Meijer credit card that comes with the MasterCard logo. With the ability to apply for this card in any Meijer store and get access to instant credit that you can use on a purchase that day, the flexibility and spending power that you can get with the Meijer credit card is simply outstanding. And because it comes with the MasterCard logo, you can use this card wherever MasterCard is accepted and still earn great Meijer rewards – and that is a winning combination.

It Is Easy To Pay Online with the Meijer Credit Card

The Meijer credit card is issued by GE Capital Bank, which is also the issuer of other popular lines of credit, such as the PayPal credit cards. Because of that integration, the online payment system for the Meijer credit card is extremely easy to use. Simply log in the first time, validate your checking account, and you can then schedule payments out as far as 30 days from now without a problem. You can schedule recurring payments if you so choose as well. With the ease of online payment, the Meijer credit card is at the top of the list for many, especially if Meijer is your store.

You Get Plenty of Rewards with the Meijer Credit Card

What sets the Meijer credit card apart from the other credit cards that are on the MARKET today is the level of rewards that you can earn with it. You can earn your way up to 20% cash back on purchases you make at the Meijer grocery stores – and that’s just the beginning:

  • Get five cents off per gallon of gasoline that you purchase at any Meijer gas station
  • Get 10% off your first purchase with your new line of credit on your Meijer credit card
  • Get access to a unique monthly savings event at your local Meijer stores that is only accessible to Meijer credit card holders

What Are the Rates That I Would Get with the Meijer Credit Card?

The Meijer credit card is broken down into two categories – there is a platinum card for those with superior credit, and then the regular card for those who don’t qualify for the platinum card. The regular card is generally given to those who are considered to be at high risk of defaulting on a payment and have a history of fair to poor credit. Because of that, you are given a 26.99% APR and an up to 23 day grace period on all purchases so that you can potentially pay off a purchase interest free if you have a fully paid balance every month. You also do not have any balance transfer options with the Smart connect card.

If you are approved for the Meijer platinum card, then that offers you:

  • A 19.99% to 23.99% APR based on your credit history for purchases and balance transfers
  • A 26.99% APR for all cash advances

With the platinum card from Meijer, as you can see you get access to other features such as balance transfers, and you also get the exclusive opportunity to earn up to 20% cash back on specific categories. The Meijer credit card does give you the flexible spending power you may need and will give you a line of credit that can help you out in a tough time – though the APRs may be a little higher than comparative cards, the flexibility and rewards of this card are difficult to ignore.

Limited Credit Card Payment Online

Get the Card That Lets You Shop At Your Favorite Store

If you love fashion and style, then you are going to want to get the Limited credit card. The Limited is a retail fashion outlet that is known for being on the cutting edge of style and fashion for every season, and having a credit card to this great store can give you flexible spending access to the fashions that you need to make an impact at work, at home, and everywhere else that you go. Now this credit card is a department store card, so this line of credit only works at the Limited… but if you shop there often, you can take advantage of some great rewards and repayment terms to make your FINANCIAL situation just a little bit better.

How Easy Is It To Pay Online with the Limited Credit Card?

You can do a lot online when it comes to managing your Limited credit card. Not only can you verify your checking account so that you can schedule your payments online, but you can do a number of other things online with your account as well, such as adding authorized users, being able to go paperless, and viewing past bills online so that you can track your spending habits. You can also access up to date account activity to track any potential fraud and request credit line increases online as well.

The Rewards Come Fast with the Limited Credit Card

If you spend a lot of MONEY at the Limited already, then you are going to want to consider the Limited credit card. That’s because you get lots of rewards for what you are already spending your money on! When you spend $800 on your Limited credit card in one year you will get upgraded to the Couture card, which gives you free shipping for online purchases, faster rewards, and an annual gift. If you stay at the regular card level, you still get great benefits:

  • Free hem service when your purchase any regularly priced pair of pants
  • Receive a passbook of savings that gives you exclusive monthly offers worth over $75
  • Get a $15 gift card for every 300 points you earn
  • Get an exclusive discount on your birthday month for every year your Limited credit card is active
  • Get invitations to private events and exclusive seasonal previews
  • Get exclusive discounts by mail

Whatever way you look at it, if fashion and style are a priority for you, then you are going to want to make the Limited credit card a priority as well.

What Are the Terms of the Limited Credit Card?

Unlike other department store cards, the Limited credit card is able to offer you a card that has no annual fee and affordable monthly payments no matter how much credit you have utilized. In addition to that, you can expect to receive:

  • 24.99% standard APR that is variable
  • No options for introductory rates, balance transfers, or cash advances
  • A grace period of 25 days on all new purchases

If you spend a lot of MONEY at the Limited, then applying for the Limited credit card only makes sense as the primary feature of this credit card is the rewards program. With the ability to earn cash back quickly, get exclusive discounts, and get an annual gift when you have the Couture card for spending $800 in one year, you get a lot of bang for your bucks with this card. Apply for it today and see just how many rewards you can earn!

KTC Credit Card Payment Online

Thailand’s Best Credit Provider Might Be Yours As Well

If you live your life in the skies instead of in an established home or you are based out of Thailand, then you are going to want to take a look at the various lines of credit that are available through KTC. KTC is Thailand’s primary credit provider, and as such, they have numerous lines of credit that are right for virtually any customer. From a JCB card for international travel that gives you 9% cash back on purchases that are made in Japan to getting up to 9% cash back on airline travel tickets, you can find the perfect card for you with KTC that fits your lifestyle today.

It’s Easy To Pay Online with KTC

When you want to talk about ease of use for paying bills online, you’ve got to enter KTC into that conversation. Because KTC is a major credit provider, their application use is quick and easy to use. After being approved for your KTC line of credit that is right for you, simply log into your online account, verify your identity, and then authorize your checking account to be accessed by KTC. From there, you can easily schedule out a payment for all of your KTC lines of credit so that you are never late on a payment. You can also have your cash back rewards instantly deposited into your checking account if you so choose and this is also done online.

What Kind of Rewards Do I Get with a KTC Line of Credit?

There are several different credit cards that are available through KTC, so you will want to apply for the line of credit that is right for you and provides you with the right kinds of rewards. Some examples of the rewards you can earn through KTC are:

  • Get 0.8% cash back directly into your checking account and unlimited cash advances
  • Get 20% discounts and free travel insurance to the Andaman Sea
  • Get 40% discounts on select fashion retailers within Thailand
  • Earn 4% to 9% cash back on airline tickets
  • Get travel accident coverage of up to 4 million baht
  • Get up to 5% cash back on in country travel and tourism purchases that are made through an official provider

What Kinds of Repayment Terms Can I Expect with KTC?

Just as the rewards vary between the different lines of credit, so do the APRs and other terms and conditions. These rates are also based on your unique credit history, but on average, you can expect to find on a KTC credit card:

  • No annual fee
  • An average APR of 20% on all new purchases
  • Foreign nationals can apply for a KTC credit card upon verification of employment and at least 2 years residence
  • A matching APR on any balance transfers or cash advances

If you are based out of Thailand, work from Thailand, or are an international customer that really has no station to call home, then the KTC credit card could be the right credit card for you. With friendly repayment terms, great rewards that can be instantly deposited into your checking account, and discounts of up to 40% at select retailers, your MONEY can go further with KTC. Check it out for yourself today!

Ikea Credit Card Payment Online

Get a Flexible Card Today That Can Help You Get What You Need

Many people love shopping at Ikea for the affordability and stylish look that they can get for their home. For those who enjoy Ikea, then the Ikea credit card makes for a viable financial option. Funded by GE Capital, this card might be right for you, especially if you are planning on making a large furniture purchase. That’s because you can get up to 6 months free financing on any purchase that you make at Ikea that is over $299. Now this is a store specific card, so you won’t be able to utilize this card anywhere else than Ikea, but if you do a lot of shopping there or have a big purchase planned, you can use this card to your advantage. You have to already have the Ikea credit card, however, because as of right now new applicants are not being accepted.

It’s Simple to Pay Your Ikea Credit Card Online

When it comes to the online payment system for the Ikea credit card, you get to take advantage of the easy payment system that GE Capital has set up. All you have to do is input your checking account information, such as your routing number and full account number, and your account is then verified. No deposits to verify, no other data to add in – it’s that easy. Then all you have to do is log in each month, schedule your payment, and you’re all set. Payments can be scheduled up to 30 days and even though it takes 2 to 3 business days to process a payment, if you pay before your due date, you’ll be credited with an on time payment.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Ikea Credit Card?

The primary benefit of having an open line of credit with an Ikea credit card is the ability to get no interest financing on purchases that are over $299. You get up to 6 months of interest free financing, but the interest is retroactive if you do not pay off your entire balance within the six months. That means you could end up with a massive interest charge on your bill on month 7. Beyond the interest free financing, the only other primary benefits of the Ikea card are the ability to fully manage your account online.

What Are the Terms of the Ikea Credit Card?

There is no denying that the terms of the Ikea credit card are higher than the average credit card. Though there is no annual fee per se, there is also no way to transfer balances or get cash advances because it is a store specific card, meaning you can only shop there. In addition, you can expect to pay:

  • A 25.99% standard APR on all purchases, including back interest on any purchase above $299 that was not fully paid off by the agreed time period
  • A $1.99 monthly account maintenance fee, which is $23.88 annually.

The Ikea credit card is perfect for those who regularly shop at Ikea and can take advantage of the interest free financing on larger purchases. If you already have the card, then you know that this is the primary benefit to the card – if you don’t have the card, then you will have to wait until applications are accepted once again. You can enjoy shopping at Ikea with the Ikea credit card and easily manage your account and pay online – use your card today for the next great furniture purchase for your home!

ICICI Credit Card Payment Online

Get a Credit Card That Works For You Today

If you live out of or work out of India, then you are going to want to take a look at the different lines of credit that are available to you through ICICI Bank. Because ICICI is the primary credit provider in the nation of India, there are many different lines of credit which you have the ability to apply for that can meet your specific needs. From credit cards that offer free movie tickets throughout the week to offering you free airline tickets simply for applying for a credit card, there are plenty of features and rewards that will make your life a little bit easier, and you will have ICICI Bank to thank for that.

It’s Quick and Easy at ICICI To Pay Your Credit Card Bill Online

Because ICICI is the national credit provider for India, the online services that you receive when you have a line of credit are unsurpassed. All you need to do is create your online profile after you have been granted a line of credit and you will have instant access to all of the online resources, which includes paperless statements, online bill paying, and instant customer service. To pay online, you simply have to validate and verify your checking account with ICICI, and then you can schedule your payment. If you have a checking account with ICICI already, you simply need to link your credit and checking accounts together. It really is that easy!

What Are the Rewards That ICICI Bank Offers with Their Credit Cards?

ICICI Bank is an industry leader when it comes to the rewards that they offer their customers. Now the rewards are unique to the credit cards to which you are applying and not every credit card is going to come with the same rewards, but you can expect to see such rewards as:

  • Buy 1, Get 1 movie tickets when you go to a film during the week
  • Double cash back on food purchases
  • Up to 15% discounts at any restaurant
  • Earn up to 10% cash back at select retailers
  • Get up to 5 Jet Airways airline tickets simply for applying

As you can see, the rewards are exclusive, extravagant, and definitely worth your while. When you get cash back, free items, and exclusive discounts on the items you are already spending MONEY on, you’ll end up saving more with a credit card from ICICI Bank.

What Are the Terms and Conditions I Can Expect with an ICICI Credit Card?

Now the ICICI credit cards are not going to be for everyone. Even though there are exclusive rewards of which you can take advantage, you can expect to pay joining fees and high APRs on your balances and transfers, such as:

  • Most ICICI credit cards have a joining fee. Some start at 1,000 rupees, but the top of the line card has a 25,000 rupee joining fee which must be paid.
  • Many APR rates are above 40% for purchases, transfers, and advances
  • After the annual fee, unless you spend a prerequisite amount, which can be as high as 250,000 rupees, it will be half of what your joining fee was, or as high as 12,500 rupee

The ICICI credit card may not be the best credit card for everyone, but it could be right for you. With easy to use online payment systems, great rewards, and airline tickets that are given to you on your application and more given upon the payment of your joining fee, the ICICI Bank knows how to take care of its customers. Find out for yourself today if an ICICI Bank credit card is right for you!

Ebay Credit Card Payment Online

Use Your Good Credit Score To Your Advantage

With just a 10 second credit decision, your good credit score could be enough to get you shopping online with your eBay MasterCard in just minutes. If you love what eBay can offer you and love the flexibility of what PayPal has to offer you in regards to shopping and spending, then you will love the eBay credit card. With $10 instant cash back after you first $100 purchase and the ability to earn poiints on that purchase, the rewards can start coming quickly with this quick and convenient credit card.

It’s Super Easy To Pay Online with the eBay Credit Card

What makes the eBay credit card a fun credit card to use is the online payment system. It is super easy to use and makes it easy to pay your credit card balance on your time instead of the card provider’s time, which so many other sites require. Simply log in, verify your checking account by plugging in a couple amounts that get deposited in, and you are off to the races. You can schedule your payments out as a far as a month in advance. This makes it easy to keep your balances paid off so that you can take advantage of the interest free grace period.

What Are the Rewards That You Get with the eBay Credit Card?

When you talk about reward programs that offer you points and cash back for the things that you are already doing, the eBay credit card easily takes care of you. That’s because you will end up getting:

  • 1 point for every dollar of regular spending that you do
  • 2 points for every dollar on any of your eBay or PayPal purchases
  • 3 points for every dollar that is spent on gas or at restaurants
  • Now this does mean that you will not be getting a full 1% cash back on your purchases like other credit cards may offer, but this credit card is geared toward people who have less than sterling credit and may be considered to high risk for other credit cards. In addition, you do get about 0.8% cash back through the rewards points, so the amount is pretty close, even with less than perfect credit.

    What Are the Terms I Can Expect with the eBay Credit Card?

    Though some people may find that the interest rates and terms are not very favorable when it comes to the eBay credit card, there are others that will find that they can actually save MONEY. Here are the terms and conditions that you can expect with the eBay credit card:

    • A 19.99% to 23.99% variable APR based upon your credit history
    • A penalty APR of 26.99% if you miss two payments in a 12 month period
    • The ability to add your eBay ID to your new credit card

    As you can see, this credit card may not be the best credit card for some people because they have higher credit scores and so have the ability to qualify for better rates from different cards. For others who do a lot of shopping through eBay and PayPal or may not have the highest of credit scores, this could be the credit card that is able to give you the flexible spending that you need to have. If you feel that it is the right card for you, then apply for it today and see just how many rewards you can start earning right away!

New York & Company Credit Card Payment Online

One of the most sought after FINANCIAL assets is a credit card as it allows individuals to make a plethora of purchases within a short amount of time. With the implementation of a credit card, you are essentially able to purchase a variety of different luxury goods when you may not have the cash handy. There are a variety of different credit card distributors such as New York & Company. As a clothing store they are committed to providing their customers with a variety of different ways to purchase goods such as providing them with credit cards. The process of making online payments is simple with a New York & Company credit card and there are also an ample amount of benefits that you will be able to use to your convenience.

Applying for the credit card is far more simple than a variety of other credit card distributors. In order to acquire your own personal New York & Company credit card you can venture to their website in order to apply online. Once you have sent in your application the company will review your FINANCIAL situation in order to determine whether you are to be approved for a line of credit or not. With the ability to view a detailed list of terms and conditions you will be able to educate yourself further on what may determine your approval.

As previously mentioned, making online payments for your NY&C Rewards Credit Card is a simple procedure . You will need your account information handy such as:

  • Your routing number (where the payment will be withdrawn)
  • Credit card number
  • SSN (Social Security Number)

Once you have logged into your New York & Company account via their payment website you will have the ability to input your banking information.

  • Step 1: Choose method of payment
  • In order to provide you with the easiest method of payment you can authorize a direct withdrawal from your banking account so that you won’t have to go through the entire payment process every time that you have to make a payment to the credit card. If you find that this method of payment is not preferred you can pay with cheque or over the telephone so that the MONEY is not being directly withdrawn from your account at the end of every month.
  • Step 2: Fill out the required information
  • This will enable you to send your payment information to New York & Company so that they can approve the transaction to take place.
  • Step 3: Make the payment

Once you have concluded your payment and have determined that the balance on your credit card has been cleared, you are able to spend.

The New York and Company credit cards are filled with an abundance of benefits that individuals will be able to take advantage of every time that they shop within the online and offline stores. With the ability to quickly and efficiently make your desired purchases and with the ease and efficiency of making online payments to your card, the options are relatively endless.